Learner Support and Engagement Service

Learner Support and Engagement Service

Learner Support and Engagement Service

The Learner Support and Engagement Service was established in December 2022 and works with both staff and learners to provide a high quality learning experience for all learners in Further Education and Training programmes. 

 Examples of how we work with and support learners:

  • Consultations with student councils 
  • Conducting an annual FET learner survey, developed in partnership with learners 
  • Running learner competitions, e.g. for International Mother Language Day 
  • Compiling resources for learners 
  • Partnering with student councils and learner representatives on projects and events 
  • Providing training for student council members 
  • Providing International Student Identity Cards for learners on full-time programmes 
  • Advocating for learners 

Examples of projects and initiatives we work on with staff in our FET centres 

Collaborative development of:

  • Publishing a bimonthly newsletter featuring articles from staff and learners in City of Dublin ETB that relate to learner supports, equality, diversity and inclusion and learner engagement 
  • Facilitating networking and workshop events for staff working in areas related to learner supports 
  • Facilitating training for staff  
  • Conducting annual surveys of FET learners and providing analytical reports to centres to inform planning 

Examples of external agencies that we work with: 

  • Disability-led organisations, e.g. AsIAm, Irish Deaf Society 
  • We work closely with the National Learning Network who provide a Disability Support Service in our colleges of further education 

Head of Learner Support & Engagement Service: 

  • Lorraine Downey, Adult Education Officer  


  • Garreth Tierney (ISIC, Student Council) 
  • John Poole (Language assessment, newsletter) 
  • Mary Stokes (RPL, Alumni programme) 
  • Sneha Sarcar (Learner Survey, Disability supports) 

Contact us: 

Or by emailing us directly : First name dot surname at cdetb dot ie