Recruitment Information

HR Recruitment Section is responsible for the recruitment of staff at all levels in City of Dublin ETB.  This includes both teaching and support staff for e.g. pro-rata teaching posts, administrative posts, general operative posts, resource posts and many more. 

We make every effort to make the application process as smooth as possible for you.  The majority of competitions are advertised on-line and linked to an on-line application form.  Detailed information provided at application stage includes:

  • Role description
  • Salary
  • Annual leave  
  • Minimum and desirable candidate requirements
  • Terms and conditions attached to the post

When applying for a post with City of Dublin ETB, you should be aware that your application will be assessed based on the information you provide.  Please make sure you:

  • complete all sections of the application form
  • check your form for accuracy and completeness prior to submission
  • submit your application before the competition deadline indicated – City of Dublin ETB operates a strict ‘no late applications’ policy
  • submit your application in sufficient time to deal with any unexpected technical issues as these will not be considered when determining if your application is late.

If you have any queries relating to recruitment, please contact   

City of Dublin ETB is an equal opportunities employer.

In the event that a candidate wishes to appeal the recommendation of the selection board in respect of a post of responsibility appeal you will be required to: 

  • Log onto (using Internet Explorer or Chrome Browser, other search engines may not work).
  • Familiarise yourself with the guidance provided.
  • Complete the PDF form.  When the form is completed press “Save and Send Mail”.  The form will self-attach to an email.  For the ETB sector, the email address will automatically insert.
  • Should you have difficulty with this process, it is normally because the software on your system is not compatible with the pdf form.  Should this occur you are advised to save the form as a pdf to your computer, then email it as an attachment, with supporting documentation, if any, to both of these email addresses: and Supporting documentation may also be submitted to the ETB in hard copy within the specified timeframe.
  • Documentation (if any) which is relied on to support your appeal and referenced in your appeal form can:
    • be attached to the email generated and submitted with the form or;
    • supplied in hard copy marked for the attention of the HR-Payroll Manager City of Dublin ETB.
  • Completed appeal forms and relevant supporting documentation (if any), must be submitted no later than 4.00 p.m. on the Appeal Date Specified. It is the responsibility of the appellant to ensure that the completed form and all supporting documentation is received by the City of Dublin ETB by this date and time.
  • Ensure to save copies of the form and supporting documentation for your own records.