• 19 April 2024
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Dublin’s North Inner City Learning Neighbourhood Showcase A Great Success

The North Inner City Learning Neighbourhood Showcase returned for its second year to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of adult learners in our area.  

The event, which invites learners, educators, service providers, and community members to come together in solidarity and celebration and build connections within Dublin’s Inner City education community took place at the Croke Park Conference Centre on April 16th. 

Celebrating the impact of education 

The North Inner City Learning Neighbourhood Showcase is all about celebrating how education can change lives. From making new friends to starting new careers, it explores how people start from feeling nervous about learning to then enjoying the fruits of education including being able to use technology to keep in touch with family, being able to enjoy new hobbies to starting new careers and increasing their income. 

In the middle of North Inner City Dublin, a traditionally disadvantaged area, going back to school or learning new skills creates a positive impact that spreads to the whole community. Each person's story shows how they didn't give up and how much they can achieve. 

Inspiring adult education stories  

Margaret is one such student, who when she started in Dublin Adult Learning Centre, couldn’t read. ‘Now I can read my own emails’, says Margaret, ‘and I get text messages from my sons to come babysit. I’m very proud’. She used to ask friends to call around, when the kids were doing their homework so they could help, now she can help her grandkids read stories. 

For Jennifer, the impact of education has extended to her adult children. ‘My daughter is in college and my son is starting an apprenticeship. I don't think they would have done it if I hadn't gone back to education either.’ 

At 21 Karli wanted to start a career. Studying Hair & Beauty she says, ’‘I've finally found what I love and what I'm good at. I'm so thankful to my mother for pushing me to go back to education. 

Transforming lives and communities 

This year's showcase focused on helping people learn about different ways they can move forward. Whether it's job training or going to college people can meet with other learners and education providers who have useful info and support to help them succeed. 

"We were thrilled to be hosting the second year of the North Inner City Learners Showcase," said Niamh Maguire, from the City of Dublin Education & Training Board. "Our mission is to celebrate the achievements of adult learners and foster a network of support that empowers individuals to reach their fullest potential. Education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about transforming lives and communities." 

The North Inner City Learners Showcase is supported by North East Inner City Learning Neighbourhood, Dublin City of Learning, City of Dublin Education & Training Board, Technological University Dublin, Government of Ireland, Co-funded by the European Union.