City of Dublin Youth Services

City of Dublin Youth Services

City of Dublin Youth Services


City of Dublin Youth Services co-operates and works with a broad range of statutory and voluntary agencies, both at city and at national level to enhance youth work provision.  Our core philosophy is that we embrace community development principles to ensure social inclusion and empowerment of young people.  By employing a young person-centred approach, we contribute to the development of vibrant community youth work enabling young people to learn, develop and grow.

  • Locally managed youth work projects/services and volunteer led clubs/groups throughout the city. The community-based providers and volunteers deliver a diverse range of youth work programmes and initiatives in response to the needs of young people. 


  • Local youth work providers to ensure that young people reach their fullest potential and that the resources provided have a positive impact on communities and the lives of young people engaged.


  • Working in partnership with local stakeholders on emerging needs and issues affecting young people.

City of Dublin Youth Services administers a number of grant funding schemes on behalf of government departments including:

  • Local Youth Club Grant Scheme

An estimated 1,590 volunteers engage with 6,500 young people in 104 volunteer-led clubs on an annual basis in Dublin City.  City of Dublin Youth Services administer a range of vital grants and supports to volunteer led clubs/groups including supporting the implementation of National Quality Standards for Volunteer Led Youth Groups. 

51 projects are supported through the UBU Your Place Your Space scheme with 236 professional youth workers engaging with some 39,300 young people. 

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