Adult Education Service

Adult Education Service

Adult Education Service

City of Dublin ETB Adult Education Service provides free classes in adult education and community centres in over 150 locations in Dublin city.

We provide classes in

  • Adult education centres
  • Community centres
  • Direct provision centres
  • Drug recovery support services
  • Homeless services
  • Migrant support services
  • Parish halls
  • Primary and secondary school communities
  • Prison support services
  • Traveller support services

Tutors and learners work together in a supportive, warm, friendly environment. Our courses are designed to bring learners together.

Age is not a barrier! Our learners are aged 18 to 105!


All our courses are free of charge

• Reading, Writing and Spelling
• Technology: Using your Phone/Tablet/IPAD or Laptop
• Digital Skills
• Maths and Numbers
• Community Education
• Climate, Social and Racial Justice Education
• Visual Arts/Crafts/Music and Drama
• Mental Health and Well-being
• Junior and Leaving Certificates for Adults
• English Language Skills
• Preparation for College
• Skills for Work
• Return to Education
• Life, Leisure and Community
• Skills for Work
• Upskilling for Work

Our Adult Education Service courses run throughout the year, so you can start at a time that is right for you.

Most courses start in September or January, but we have many courses starting at other times of the year.


For more information or to fine your local centre, please visit: 

For information on our Adult Education Guidance Service click here